Useful healthy food tips and ideas

NB – I am NOT a medical professional – this list is just a collection of what I have been advised, what I have researched and what I have observed. I have a strange set of dietry requirements as I am diabetic type 1, a cancer survivor and have recently had a heart attack. I can not guarentee that this list will be appropriate for everyone although most people will in general benefit from low cholesterol and blood pressure.

If anyone haany specific queries please do ask, either below or direct message – I’m alway happy to help.

If you have any ideas to add please do leave comments:)

Meals aims per week

1 veg, 2 white meats, 3 fish (at least one oily fish) and 1 red meat

Oily fish ie kippers, mackerel, salmon – reduces cholesterol

At least one vegetarian meal a week minimum

Red meat (except veal) – be aware contains saturated fats, the liver converts saturated fat into cholesterol Pork is red/white depending on who you ask but IS a fatty meat so be careful

Sausages, ham burgers, salamis, pate, processed meat not too often, may raise cholesterol

Pastry not too often


Increase use of lentils to replace potatoes – helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar


Minimal hard cheeses – 30g of hard cheese is equivalent to 200g of full fat cheese,

Soft cheese is ok in moderation, for every day use (for calcium) use Quark or cottage cheese

ASDA own brand philidelphia style soft cheeses are very low in fats etc and are best we’ve seen yet.

Milk should be skimmed for day to day use, full fat milk increases cholesterol

Eggs maximum 3-4 a week (its only the yolks that are a problem)

Veg & fruit5 a day is recommend, but more is better for antioxidants

Plenty of garlic – helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol

Plenty of Spinach for calcium and antioxidants

Watercress lowers cholesterol and helps with blood sugar

Sweetcorn for lowering cholesterol, tinned/frozen is fine

Veg & fruit should be eaten when in season to get the most vitamins, if not in season consider tinned or frozen


Broad beans, kidney beans and harrico beans for lowering cholesterol


Coffee ok as long as instant or filtered – unfiltered or cafetiere coffee can increase cholesterol by 10%

The benefits of red wine can be obtained from drinking red grape juice (I am TT)

Oils & Fats

Use olive oil or rape seed oil in cooking

NB*** Most “vegetable oils” ARE rapeseed oil and is much cheaper than olive oil and better for you.

Be warned that you can buy labelled rapeseed oil but it’s a lot more expensive.


look for ones high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat, NB “utterly buttery” is a good one – better than some of the olive oil ones we’ve seen so far, less saturated fat is better than high in unsaturated fat.


Limit to 6g a day, check bread as some ‘healthy’ ones can contain as much as 1.5g per slice

Marmite is very VERY high in salt so use sparingly


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