Food photography – still learning…obviously

So I’ve got the camera out over the last few days at meal times to get a few shots together for my banner (ok admit it you just scrolled back up to have a look) This food photography thing is harder than it looks – these photos were taken on my point and click camera as my full DSLR (pro-camera with exciting flashy bits) is not geared up (yet) for consistent close up photography. I’ve done product photography before but not a lot so small.

Main problem seems to be the flash unit – those of you that are reading this as a result of following my exploits elsewhere will know that a large chunk of my previous photography work has been mainly people orientated – modelling, portraiture and weddings etc with a healthy smattering of landscapes thrown in due to my love of rambling, hiking and scenic walks. The flash I use (a professional Canon 580ex II for anyone interested) is fantastic for those roles but not totally ideal for a close up of Spag Bol as the light comes from 6 inches above the lense. It did fair a little better a bit further away for the meat joint and stylised plate of home made piccalilli – I think I need to add either a ring flash and/or an off camera flash trigger to my Christmas Wish list although if anyone has further/better ideas I’d be delighted to hear from them.