Foodie catchup

Apologies for the gap over the weekend – I was out for dinner:) So just a quickie catchup today continuing the exploration of the new pressure cooker as I was intrigued and excited to have done sausages in there – a bit of water in the bottom then the sausages and onions in the trivet basket for 8 minutes at pressure and they tasted really lovely, very juicy and succulent – helped that they were turkey and chilli sausages rather than just boring old pork ones:)


Fish, a healthy start to the year

So for those of you that have read Healthy food tips will have realised I’m trying to fit in more fish than I’ve had recently so tonight is a double whammy – smoked kippers and trout with boiled new potatoes and steamed cauliflower. I’m going to assume you can managed the potatoes (reduced price new potatoes) and (reduced price) cauliflower yourselves? I’m fortunate enough to have been given many years ago a thick bottomed hob top three-tiered steamer which works well for me and is tried and tested (and “no” I still don’t add any salt).

For the fish then… nothing too complicated, my preferred method of fish cooking is to wrap in foil with a small knob of butter, a grind or two of seasoning, a splash of lemon and a tablespoon of boiling water per fish fillet and into the oven for quarter of an hour at a moderate heat. Quick, simple, retains flavour – trout and kipper both have fantastic flavour and again, as with all fish, I regularly pick up reduced price fish in the evenings at the larger supermarkets – especially those with fresh fish counters.

Calling all foodies in the UK and elsewhere

Ok so I’m having another push for interested Facebookers for by rapidly growing group called

UK Foodies

It has a close tie in with what I am doing here but allows much more interaction between members without being all about me and boring people with my health issues if they don’t want too:)

We’re all sharing recipes, food tips, ideas on ingredients, shopping tips – current discussion is best/favourite way of preparing potato mash:)

Please do have a look and please do join in:)

Food photography – still learning…obviously

So I’ve got the camera out over the last few days at meal times to get a few shots together for my banner (ok admit it you just scrolled back up to have a look) This food photography thing is harder than it looks – these photos were taken on my point and click camera as my full DSLR (pro-camera with exciting flashy bits) is not geared up (yet) for consistent close up photography. I’ve done product photography before but not a lot so small.

Main problem seems to be the flash unit – those of you that are reading this as a result of following my exploits elsewhere will know that a large chunk of my previous photography work has been mainly people orientated – modelling, portraiture and weddings etc with a healthy smattering of landscapes thrown in due to my love of rambling, hiking and scenic walks. The flash I use (a professional Canon 580ex II for anyone interested) is fantastic for those roles but not totally ideal for a close up of Spag Bol as the light comes from 6 inches above the lense. It did fair a little better a bit further away for the meat joint and stylised plate of home made piccalilli – I think I need to add either a ring flash and/or an off camera flash trigger to my Christmas Wish list although if anyone has further/better ideas I’d be delighted to hear from them.


So…what is Scampi? aka TV cookery invades the Internet?

“What Is  Scampi?” ranks 2nd in top Google searches for this year. Pretty certain I actually ran this search myself after the question appeared in one of the cookery programmes I watch but which one it was I’m not sure now – the TV seems to be constantly tuned to Good Food these days (having been signed off for several months following the heart attack has given me square eyes and a rounder stomach)
Main contenders are likely to be

  • Masterchef Australia (much better format than the new UK version I’m afraid to say – viewers actually get to learn some cookery tips from watching it)
  • Top Chef – American version – a bit more game show like but great fun and again, like the Australian version, you get to know the competitors and build empathy, plus much more interesting challenges
  • Our (UK) Masterchef – any of the flavours – professional, amateur or celebrity (yes Tim Lovejoy was robbed)
  • Weekend morning TV – “Something for the weekend” and “Saturday Kitchen Live”

There are countless others – too many to mention – Valentine Warner Eats the 60s (and 70s) was possibly the best cookery show this year – fantastic for us retro foodies:)

So what other cookery shows have I missed from this list? I’m ignoring the countless re-runs to be honest as clearly that list would never stop.

Last but not least – anyone else interested to know what Cook-a-Long with Gordon Ramsay on Christmas day morning is going to involve? I’m assuming its going to be “Put your sprouts on now” “take the goose out the oven to relax now” cooking-by-numbers as it appears to last for 3 hours finishing at lunchtime on the big day?