Egg fried rice from leftovers, cheap and tasty

Ok so yet another busy day but barely stepped outside the door – loads of housework done so now all spick and span ready for food preparation and visitors for the big day:) Lunch was very tasty – something I normally reserve for a Friday night as its a nice simple, quick fish dish so I’ll wait till I do it again on a Friday and cover it there. So I’ll crack on with tonights dinner.

Egg fried rice with Turkey and Prawns

I had some rice and prawns left over from last night so, wanting something quick and easy I decided to do a fried rice. Chopped a large onion up and sliced up (I prefer it that way than crushed) 3 cloves of garlic and sautéed them together with a teaspoon of rapeseed oil and a small knob of butter. Once starting to turn translucent I added the left over rice and two packs of sliced up turkey sandwich slices (again from the reduced section at 19p per pack. At this point you can also add what else you want – sweetcorn, peas, mushroom etc – and I threw in a general tablespoons worth of soy sauce and black rice vinegar. Having given a good stir I left it too cook out for about a minute before stirring in 2 raw eggs (well stirred in to coat the rice etc) and the prawns cut up into halves (with a couple left over to decorate) Several good stirs and about 2 minutes later and it was ready to dish up, quick, tasty, cheap and cleared some more space out of the fridge ready for food prep tomorrow:)


Christmas countdown continues with…the sales and a curry

Not going to be a massive post today as it’s been a long (but productive) day Christmas shopping. Most non-food items ticked off the list ready for the big day and a few decent reduced priced kitchen items in the sales – the shops really seem keen to get you to spend money, any money, at the moment – some of the reductions pre-Christmas are nuts – and on top of that “Best-Buy” at Parkgate is closing down in early January so is having a massive “everything must go” sale – and there’s a new Poundland there too, and TKMax have a sale on and…and..and.. suffice to say its been a long, cheap, day and someday when I have more time and energy and less preparation for Christmas to do I’ll maybe get around to cataloguing the new toys.

So on the way home from successfully blitzing sales, and as is my usual habit, I check out the reduced section at Tesco Express and find it packed with value Jumbo prawns which lend themselves to a nice curry – ok so anything can be made into a curry but these are ready cooked and in the reduced section so I’m not expecting taste explosions without adding some more flavour to them so curry seems the perfect plan. (NB for the record I do a lot of my shopping from the Tesco value range so that is not a complaint about it – just that I KNOW having grown up on a small island with fresh seafood that these prawns are not going to ring my bell on their own. Once Christmas is out the way I think I’ll explore the value ranges more with you, remind me)

Anyway back to today – and on the way to the checkout and I’ve grabbed some value (see told you) naan bread and some value (double see) low fat yoghurt and its back to the kitchen for me.

Ok so Homemade Prawn Korma in quarter of an hour

I’m not going to tell you how to do rice or heat a naan bread so just do those in your own time to coordinate with the end of cooking. Also to note is I like my food spicy so adjust these measurements accordingly if you want to tame it down a bit…

Preparation wise mix about 300g of the low fat plain yoghurt with about a teaspoon of chilli powder, a teaspoon of ground black pepper and a teaspoon on ground cumin and lastly a teaspoon of turmeric – make sure its all stirred and mixed well and leave to sit while cracking on with the rest.

In a saucepan heat a small dribble of oil and throw in a teaspoon of whole cloves, another of peppercorns and about 4-5 cardamom pods (don’t forget to crack them slightly with the side of a knife blade) and toss them all around slighlty till they start to sizzle before chucking in a couple of crushed or finely chopped garlic cloves and a teaspoon of chopped chilli (I cheat and use the Tesco equivalent of lazy chilli) its in vinegar and gives a lovely bite to things.

Once that is all starting to smell nicely I dropped the prawns in to warm up (pre-cooked remember) for about a minute before adding the yoghurt mixture. After a good stair and another minute that should al be ready – if you’ve been paying attention and got your easy cook rice on to cook, and your naan in the over at the right time then that should have all taken around 15-20 minutes in total for a gorgeous Prawn korma at a cheap price – the prawns (albeit reduced) were £1.49 a packet of which I got 2 packets – the rest of the ingredients weren’t more than £2 between them so £5 total and 15 mins cook time for a lovely curry for 2 – can’t be bad.