So-Juicy roasting bags = lived up to their name

Not sure how wide spread these are so to start with I guess I need to explain these. It’s a two part packet as a way of cooking a dish – in this case Chicken with Herbs – whereby there is a oven proof bag to seal the chicken and herb rub in.

As I’m trying to empty out the pantry ready for Christmas I chose to use a reduced-price tray of chicken wings that were cluttering up the freezer (I do a lot of my food shopping from the reduced sections) which isn’t the ideal cut for this but worked pretty well. “Waste not, want not” and all that – 43p in the reduced section for just over 1kg of chicken – yes ok some of that weight is bones and water but at that price you can’t go wrong:)

It was literally as easy as 1…2…3 opened the bag, put the chicken in and sprinkled in the herb rub and placed in the oven as directed. Only slight query was the instruction to “use the tab to tie the bag loosely” which seemed a little vague – how loose is loose?

To accompany I’d picked up something new I’d seen in Tesco – Golden Wax Beans – it seems to be a new thing they are doing as it was quite a large jar (340g – enough for two) for only 50p and rounded off with some boiled (no salt added) small potatoes

All in all a delightful flavoursome meal and definitely will be trying the other flavours in the So-Juicy range too – very impressed with the flavour it packed in. Slightly less impressed with the beans but very pleasant and a cheap way of getting one of your five a day so would get them again too:) definitely an easy enough meal, and cheap as well, coupled with healthy and it ticked all the boxes.

To top it all off – having used the roasting time to read some photography blogs and swapping some lenses around some of the photos of the finished product are starting to look better too – now practice will make perfect:)