Yes I’m a carnivore

Celebratory meal after this mornings MRI scan – I had a heart attack on 1st September 2011 and the scan was an interesting experience – 45 minutes of being encased in a snug fitting ceramic tube being told when to breathe in and out and hold your breath – not forgetting having my arm pumped full of dye half way through – but at least the dye was less uncomfortable than the one they use for the CT scans I have for my cancer follow ups – but we’ll leave the details of that till another day. The heart attack is part of the most recent encouragement behind my love of cookery and exploring healthy options – as per the Healthy Notes tab along the top of this.

Sometimes, when you deserve it, however its *got* to be ok to throw healthy caution to the wind and tuck into something that you love – for me one of those is a slab of rare sirloin with some green beans and boiled potato (did I mention the melted butter, black pudding and sautéed mushroom and onion?) either way – it tasted good and was very welcome after a long (nervously) awaited day:)