John Ellis-Mourant

36 year old Yorkshire based Foodie originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I have cooked all my life having learnt from an early age from both my Mum and Dad and my grandmother.

Passionate about healthy home cooked food so specific themes or flavours having travelled all over the world and collected recipe books back from everywhere – although I do love trying new things and enjoy my spiced foods too.

I am a type 1 diabetic, triggered after radiotherapy following a cancer diagnosis, a further complication is that I had a heart attack in September 2011. I have strict dietary guidelines to try to adhere too whilst also not boring myself to death with boring same foods all the time so I love experimental cookery and ideas.

As a general rule I try and do as much from scratch as possible and whenever possible/appropriate I make my own pasta, sausages, burgers, relishes and chutneys, soups, do my own food smoking etc etc. By career my background is mainly IT with a heavy blend of photography of all genres – originally modelling work but now mainly product and food photography.



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