Pressure Cooker trials continued

So after yesterdays purchase of a new pressure cooker tonight’s dinner was pot-roast chicken with steamed vegetables all nice and tasty and cheap. It was the first time I’d tried anything like this in a pressure cooker as I usually just use them for stocks and soups and gammon and even then I haven’t owned one for the last few years so all in all it was a new experience for me. First I browned off the outside of the chicken to seal it by dribbling a tablespoon of oil in the bottom of the pressure cooker and allowing to get really hot before rolling the chicken around until all sides and ends are a good brown colour (a couple of minutes on each side seemed to work fine) before creating a trivet of carrot pieces and adding a couple of mugfuls of a decent chicken stock. After sealing the pressure cooker up I allowed the steam to build up to pressure and timed 25 minutes for cooking, during which time I boiled some potatoes in the bottom of my steamer and when the timer went I steamed some carrot, leek and parsnip for another 5 minutes while at the same time adding some broad beans into the bottom. When the chicken came out it was gorgeous and juicy (in fairness it was from the Morrisons “Extra Tasty” range) and I’ll definitely be experimenting more with my trials comparing pressure cookers and halogen ovens – I’m still interested in hearing more views on them please?


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