Turkey Curry Recipe – use #7,632 for leftovers

Ok so following on from this mornings post you’ll know I’ve got a fridge full of leftover Turkey – well hasn’t everyone at this time of year – so even though I’ve so far munched on a couple of hundred turkey sandwiches and several platefuls of bubble and squeak so tonight I decide it’s time to do a curry…

So I’ve chopped up an onion and stuck it in a stock pot with a couple of chopped up garlic cloves to start frying up while I peel, de-seed and cut up a butternut squash into a bowl, added to this is a cored and chopped cooking apple, a couple of chopped sweet potatoes and a cup of raisins. Once the onions and garlic have got to the translucent stage I add the spices – 2 teaspoons of Patak’s mild curry pastes, 2cm of chopped and grated root ginger – and the vegetables. A quick stir later and I add a pint of gammon stock (another left over from Christmas day)another quick stir and then its built up to the boil and left for 20 mins to simmer stirring occasionally. At the end of that time I checked the veg before adding the cold turkey for another 10 minutes of cooking while the Naan bread also warmed up in the oven. Served with a big dollop of creme fraiche. Nice and simple but also nice and tasty – and pretty much everything was a left over anyway:)


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