Egg fried rice from leftovers, cheap and tasty

Ok so yet another busy day but barely stepped outside the door – loads of housework done so now all spick and span ready for food preparation and visitors for the big day:) Lunch was very tasty – something I normally reserve for a Friday night as its a nice simple, quick fish dish so I’ll wait till I do it again on a Friday and cover it there. So I’ll crack on with tonights dinner.

Egg fried rice with Turkey and Prawns

I had some rice and prawns left over from last night so, wanting something quick and easy I decided to do a fried rice. Chopped a large onion up and sliced up (I prefer it that way than crushed) 3 cloves of garlic and sautéed them together with a teaspoon of rapeseed oil and a small knob of butter. Once starting to turn translucent I added the left over rice and two packs of sliced up turkey sandwich slices (again from the reduced section at 19p per pack. At this point you can also add what else you want – sweetcorn, peas, mushroom etc – and I threw in a general tablespoons worth of soy sauce and black rice vinegar. Having given a good stir I left it too cook out for about a minute before stirring in 2 raw eggs (well stirred in to coat the rice etc) and the prawns cut up into halves (with a couple left over to decorate) Several good stirs and about 2 minutes later and it was ready to dish up, quick, tasty, cheap and cleared some more space out of the fridge ready for food prep tomorrow:)


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