So…what is Scampi? aka TV cookery invades the Internet?

“What Is  Scampi?” ranks 2nd in top Google searches for this year. Pretty certain I actually ran this search myself after the question appeared in one of the cookery programmes I watch but which one it was I’m not sure now – the TV seems to be constantly tuned to Good Food these days (having been signed off for several months following the heart attack has given me square eyes and a rounder stomach)
Main contenders are likely to be

  • Masterchef Australia (much better format than the new UK version I’m afraid to say – viewers actually get to learn some cookery tips from watching it)
  • Top Chef – American version – a bit more game show like but great fun and again, like the Australian version, you get to know the competitors and build empathy, plus much more interesting challenges
  • Our (UK) Masterchef – any of the flavours – professional, amateur or celebrity (yes Tim Lovejoy was robbed)
  • Weekend morning TV – “Something for the weekend” and “Saturday Kitchen Live”

There are countless others – too many to mention – Valentine Warner Eats the 60s (and 70s) was possibly the best cookery show this year – fantastic for us retro foodies:)

So what other cookery shows have I missed from this list? I’m ignoring the countless re-runs to be honest as clearly that list would never stop.

Last but not least – anyone else interested to know what Cook-a-Long with Gordon Ramsay on Christmas day morning is going to involve? I’m assuming its going to be “Put your sprouts on now” “take the goose out the oven to relax now” cooking-by-numbers as it appears to last for 3 hours finishing at lunchtime on the big day?


2 thoughts on “So…what is Scampi? aka TV cookery invades the Internet?

  1. Well, I’m thinking about my favorite shows, but I wonder if we actually get similar programming? I remember being miffed with all the excitement about the Pioneer Woman and then found out they didn’t run it in Canada! Cook-a-Long with Gordon could be good, but for some reason I want to say “Sing-a-Long” and I think that would be unbearable;)

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